Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daley Ranch Jacks Meadow Feb 21 2010

Sunday Linda and I went for a hike into Jacks Meadow on Daley Ranch. We seen the early signs of spring really taking hold. Flowing Carpets of green over the rolling hills underneath the groves of Oaks. All of the rain runoff creeks were flowing. The rain came down a little bit off and on and then the sun would come out for a little while and we definitely got a little bit muddy, but it was worth it to see this beautiful meadow coming to life for the spring to come.

Inaja Trail and San Diego River

I took My daughter Barbara and our friend Courtney on a hike on the Inaja Trail. We seen great views of the San Diego River Canyon and the surrounding rolling green hills dotted with Oaks and some Pines. Then we got brave and traversed the very steep canyon several hundred feet down to the upper reaches of the San Diego river. The creek was flowing nice after all of the recent rain. Great day in the mountains with the kids.

Mount Laguna Snow Days Jan & Feb 2010

Hello Everybody, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd better get you all up to date on the recent mountain trips. I have taken a couple of trips up to Laguna Mountain recently with My daughter Barbara and various friends and family members to play in the snow and just explore the forest a little. We have had a great time and we are really experiencing the seasons to the fullest this year. I have noticed early spring in some areas already with fields of wildflowers blooming at some of the lower elevations and everything is green and fresh.