Thursday, March 31, 2011

San Luis Rey River


These are pics from an area a couple of miles inland from the beach, a few miles from my house in Oceanside. Most of these flowers are blooming on a south facing slope near the mouth of a tributary canyon emptying into the San Luis Rey River. I can't find a way into this canyon ( YET ). It is so choked up with poison oak that I can't seem to get in through the mouth and from the ridges it is going to take some serious bushwacking to get down into the canyon for some exploration. Nevertheless, this area is pretty isolated and I always have it to myself. It's a great place to hike up onto some nice ridges and to relax by the river. This is one of the finest examples of sage scrub wildflowers that I have seen.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Colors Of Spring 2011

Happy Spring everyone. The grand wildflower bloom has started. Here are some pictures from the trails I have been hiking recently. Don't just look at the pictures, though, get out there and see them for yourself.

After Work Evening Hikes

I've been doing after work hikes lately. Usually hiking a couple or few miles for an hour or two in nearby coastal canyons. I'm finding out that there are so many small wilderness paradises in San Diego.


Nicknamed canyon near my house. Fossilized shark teeth
can be found in the sandstone cliffs.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Kitchen Creek & Laguna Mtn With The Ladies

So here we go again. Back to Kitchen Creek Falls. I just came here for my first time a week ago. Now my mom, daughter and girlfriend wanted to go hiking so I brought them here to experience what I now consider a must do hike in San Diego County. It was a perfect day for hiking. Flowers starting to bloom, rushing early spring run off, huge waterfalls and to top it off then we went up to Laguna mountain. My mom and I hiked down a little trail to a grand cliff top view thousands of feet below to the Anza Borrego desert.