Monday, January 10, 2011

Cedar Creek Falls Again with Family & Friends

So, I was just here two days ago and after showing some of the pics of the falls, it prompted another trip here with Rob my brother, Kaitlyn my niece, and Aaron my friend. We had a great time. Aaron and I got up the courage to jump into the pool at the base of the falls. That was some some of the coldest water that I have ever jumped into. Definitely a spiritual mountain experience. Also, one of the best parts of the trip, NO TRASH !!

Cedar Creek Falls Weekday Solo Hike

I went for a solo hike on Thursday down to Cedar Creek Falls. This was my first time seeing this waterfall flowing this hard. Totally awesome. I climbed up through the chute up to the top of the fall and found a nice perch near the lip of the fall and had a nice lunch and some nice meditation. After some exploration I decided to head back up the hill out of the canyon. Halfway up the hill I met Don and Brad headed down into the canyon with trash bags and gloves on a mission to hike all of the trash out of the canyon. I was so grateful for them that I offered to help and completed the job with them. I want to give a special thanks to Don, Brad, (Michelle?), and the other hikers that came along and carried bags of trash out of the canyon. Some people do not understand how extremely important it is to not litter, especially in our national forests. Anyway, it sure was a great feeling to clean up the forest. I ended up going back to Cedar Creek a couple days later and I have to tell you, Experiencing the canyon and falls with no trash around was truly beautiful. A couple of people that I brought here for the first time got to experience it with no trash and i am so grateful for that.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

San Luis Rey River, Oceanside

I did a little solo exploration of a tributary canyon of the San Luis Rey River today, well at least I tried. I was blocked from entering the canyon due to mass amounts of poison oak. I just did not feel like getting into it today, so I worked my way up and onto the ridge overlooking the canyon. I'm glad I did as I noticed several flowers already starting to bloom as I worked my way around on the hillsides. Then I went back down to the main river and found a nice sandy beach and kick back for a while, snapped a few shots of some hummingbirds on my way back to the car. Nice day for a hike.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Woodson Mountain 1/2/2011

Happy New Year everyone. This was the first hike of the new year. It was our first time on this mountain as well. We started at Lake Poway at 1000 feet and made our way to the top of the mountain at a little over 2800 feet. This mountain is positioned in the middle of the foothills in San Diego County and has sweeping 360 degree views all around from the top. Even though a storm was slowly coming in we could see probably a good 70 to 100 miles in all directions to the Pacific Ocean, San Diego, Mexico, Laguna Mountains, Cuyamaca Mountains, Palomar Mountains, and Camp Pendleton mountains. Woodson Mountain has some of the largest Granite boulders that I have ever seen in San Diego on and near the summit.