Monday, January 10, 2011

Cedar Creek Falls Weekday Solo Hike

I went for a solo hike on Thursday down to Cedar Creek Falls. This was my first time seeing this waterfall flowing this hard. Totally awesome. I climbed up through the chute up to the top of the fall and found a nice perch near the lip of the fall and had a nice lunch and some nice meditation. After some exploration I decided to head back up the hill out of the canyon. Halfway up the hill I met Don and Brad headed down into the canyon with trash bags and gloves on a mission to hike all of the trash out of the canyon. I was so grateful for them that I offered to help and completed the job with them. I want to give a special thanks to Don, Brad, (Michelle?), and the other hikers that came along and carried bags of trash out of the canyon. Some people do not understand how extremely important it is to not litter, especially in our national forests. Anyway, it sure was a great feeling to clean up the forest. I ended up going back to Cedar Creek a couple days later and I have to tell you, Experiencing the canyon and falls with no trash around was truly beautiful. A couple of people that I brought here for the first time got to experience it with no trash and i am so grateful for that.

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