Wednesday, June 29, 2011

San Jacinto Peak 6/25/2011

Robbie and I hiked up to San Jacinto Peak this past Saturday. We hiked 15 1/2 miles rount trip with elevation gain/loss of 4600 feet. This is the second tallest mountain in Southern California at 10,834 feet above sea level. Pictures and words can not quite describe how beautiful it is up in those mountains. Standing on that peak was like being on the rooftop of Southern California with views stretching out probably a hundred or more miles out in all directions. We plan on hiking to the top of the three highest mountains in So Cal this summer: San Gorgonio Mountain - 11,499 feet; Mount San Antonio ( Mount Baldy ) - just over 10,000 feet; and Mount San Jacinto 10,834 which we have just ( with much effort ) Bagged!
Within 7 hours we had gone from elevation zero near the coast to the top of the mountain. The elevation was taking its toll on me around the last 500 to 1000 feet. Dizziness, lightheaded, slight pulsating headache and a bit harder to hike. I felt much better after eating lunch and drinking plenty of water and Gatorade and just hanging out on top of the mountain. My body on the other hand worked very well and I didn't even get too sore from this hike. Robbie and I are both really stoked to have achieved this high mountain peak.
Above: Taquitz Peak above 8,800 feet

Below: View of Jean Peak at above 10,000 feet
Below: looking out below to the Palm Springs area.

Below: On top of the world.
Below: Stone hut just below San Jacinto Peak.

Below: Robbie and I with some other hikers at 10,834 feet in the sky.
Below: View of Suicide Rock

Below: Looking across to San Gorgonio Mountain - 11,499 feet
Below: View of Lily Rock


  1. Awesome man, looking forward to the next two...

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