Thursday, January 21, 2010

Group Hike With Family, Freinds and Coworkers

On Saturday January 16th a group of us set out to hike the Santa Margarita River Trail in Fallbrook, CA. My Pictures and stories of the wilderness have sparked interest in many people in my life and now they have gotten an opportunity to experience the wilderness themselves. We all met in Vista under a grey sky but after we got to fallbrook at the trailhead the sky cleared and turned into a beautiful sunny day on the river. There was only a few other people besides ourselves out on the trail that day. The group consisted of Daughter Barbara, Mom Vicki, Girlfriend Linda, Friends Mike, Kris, Steve, Courtney, Morgan and Friend Coworker and her boyfriend Connie and Matt. We hung out and ate snacks on a nice beach beside the river. It was a great time.

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