Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Kayak at Lake Calaveras Jan 10 2010

So I have been having this vision of Kayaking down the San Luis Rey River. I have been thinking how cool it would be to run the last few miles from inland Oceanside to the mouth where it enters into the Pacific Ocean in Oceanside. For Christmas Linda got me a new inflatable kayak. We tried it out for the first time at Lake Calaveras in Oceanside. It was a great day paddling across the lake on a nice sunny day. We took turns as some of us were out in the Kayak on the lake other were walking the trails near the lake with my brothers and sisters dogs. My brother got his wetsuit on and paddled his longboard out on the lake beside us. It was a nice day out on the lake with family and freinds. Someday soon I will try kayaking down the San Luis Rey River.

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