Monday, March 29, 2010

Borego Palm Canyon March 20, 2010

My daughter Barbara and I took our friends George and Courtney out to Borrego Springs to see the desert flower bloom and to take a hike up into Palm Canyon. We started out at the visitor center and walked along the flat trail across the desert floor enjoying an abundance of flowers blooming everywhere. Yellows, Purples and Reds all around in the middle of this hot desert. It was really beautiful. Some cactus were just starting to bloom but not quite there yet. Anyway we kept going and made our way up the canyon. We couldn't tell from a distance but when we started to get a little ways up in we found a creek flowing very nice with lush green vegetation, tons of flowers and spectacular views throughout this canyon. About a mile an a half up into the canyon we reached an oasis of palm trees, several different small waterfalls with a creek flowing through some of the biggest boulders I have ever seen. We had lunch inside of a room in the palm trees and cooled off by the creek. We all had a good time and I now realize just a little more of just how beautiful the desert can be.

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