Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mens Mountain Retreat March 5, 6 and 7

Hello Everybody, I went to a men's retreat up on the top of Palomar mountain. We stayed at a really nice retreat center. The fellowship was great. Good fellowship with the guys. The food was incredibly good and we ate like kings. We arrived on Friday as a cold Winter storm was about to move in over the mountain. The first day was sunny and then massive clouds and cold air swept over the mountain creeping up through the valleys. The next day Saturday it started raining and hailing. There was not a lot of wind though. It was all coming pretty much straight down. Saturday night it snowed. It was really great to see the snow coming down as I haven't got to see it actually snow in quite a while. Anyway, during Saturday me and a really cool dude Joe that I met geared up with warm clothing and our rain gear and some necessary emergency items in the backpack and set out on a hike. The mountain was extremely beautiful as we hike and it rained and hailed off and on. We seen a couple of deer and every creek and rain runoff creek and spring was flowing good. We hiked somewhere around a five mile loop I think. We lost track of time and we had to hustle back to the retreat center as fast as we could to get back before dark. The next day it was snowing lightly as we made our way off of the mountain. This was a great mountain adventure.

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