Monday, October 25, 2010

Cedar Creek Falls Oct. 2010

Well, Rob my brother, robie my friend, Ron my friend and I went on a hike down to Cedar Creek Falls. We had never been there and I have been waiting for an opportunity for almost a year now to visit that area. We hiked at times almost straight down into this canyon and crossed the San Diego River ( It was dry ) so I was so pleased to see plenty of water running in Cedar Creek The falls were beautiful and we also traversed to the top of the falls and back through some meadows beyond the falls. That hike out of the canyon at the end of the day was a killer workout. I found out to take lots of water ( more that I think I'll need ) next time I explore this area and take my water filter. Anyway, we all had a great time exploring and after we went to the Yellow Deli for some great food afterwords.


  1. What fabulous falls these are! So tall! Your hike sounds exciting. How I would love to find an area like that.
    Ann in New Brunswick, Canada