Sunday, November 21, 2010

San Juan Loop Trail, Santa Ana Mountains 11/14/10

It was a crisp clear fall morning. not a cloud in the sky. A couple of recent rain storms have already started to clear some of the haze and smog out for a little while. We only had a limited amount of time for this hike as we were headed to a barbeque in Sun City with our dad so we threw this short hike in as we drove the scenic route through the mountains behind Orange County along the Ortega Highway. Five of us, Linda, Barbara, Rob, Josh and I hike the 2.1 mile San Juan loop trail. It was one of those downhill into the canyon and the uphill out of the canyon hikes. The creek was not yet flowing. The falls were dry with a few resting pools of water but even though this was a really nice hike.

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  1. I dig the Cedar Creek Falls pics. I'll maybe have to check that out, even though it's a bit out of my area. Thanks for reading my stuff.