Sunday, November 28, 2010

San Mateo canyon Wilderness, Tenaja Falls 11/27/10

I've driven past these mountains hundreds of times not really paying any mind for some reason what could lie within. I soon realized what an exquisite wilderness there is protected within these mountains. I hooked up with Ron and Robie early in the morning for an adventure into the san Mateo Wilderness in the Santa Ana Mountains. Our minds, bodies and spirits were definitely rejuvenated on this trip. We hiked several miles through much diverse terrain, oak woodlands, grasslands, chapparal, Sycamore lined creeks with potential swimming holes, nice backpacking campsites, and to top it off, Tenaja Falls, a 150 foot 5 tiered waterfall with a nice swimming hole at the first tier. As you see, we encountered a large tarantula and another hiker found part of what looked like a spine from some kind of animal at the trailhead. Leftovers from a mountain lion kill?? Who knows.

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