Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Palomar Mountain 12/19/2010 In The Rain

Well we braved the weather for a 4 mile hike on top of Palomar Mountain. It had been raining for three and a half days straight and was still coming down steady as we set out on our hike. We were the only ones at the trailhead and we didn't see anyone all day except for one ranger in his truck near the trailhead. This section of the mountain is a mixed pine and oak forest which surrounds French Valley meadows with two main creeks, French Creek and Doane Creek which merge to form Pauma Creek. The sights, sounds and solitude were incredible. The creeks were flowing hard. We got out of the rain for a few minutes as we took a break at the old dam and gauging station on Puama creek that was built back in the 1920's. Further exploration took us through the meadows and then back into the dense forest with what had to have been the largest oak trees that we have ever seen. The rain and wind really took it out of us though. Beautiful but tough day. It was well worth it though.

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