Monday, October 17, 2011

Hellhole Canyon - Valley Center

After attending an annual festival called "The Pig Out" in Valley Center in the foothills of north San Diego County, Linda and I decided to go explore Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve. I've been noticing this area on my map for some time and since we were so close by and had a few hours of light left, we went for it. The hike starts out by descending a very steep trail down into the canyon probably a good 500 or 600 feet I'm guessing. Then we leveled out along Hell creek following an old flume or manmade canal which used to bring water many miles from San Luis Rey River through the mountains to valley Center to Lake Wolford. Now they just siphon and Pipe the water over, leaving the flume dry. Nice way to work off a full belly of beef and chicken and enjoy the complete silence after just watching two rock bands at "Pig Out".

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