Friday, February 24, 2012

Laguna Mountain and Kitchen Creek Falls

I was up before the sunrise. I tried to encourage my daughter and her friends on last time to go with me, but they wanted city life for the day. I changed up the itinerary a little and geared up to go up to Laguna mountain and hike to an un-named peak in the snow and the several more miles out to Laguna Meadows and back. I accomplished this hike and I have to tell you. it was only a several hundred foot climb to the top of the mountain but it was really cool to hike this peak in the snow that no one really hikes up to. It was just me and the dear tracks. After comming back down off of the mountain I followed and old dirt road out to the Big Laguna Trail where I followed a cross country skier's tracks out to Laguna Meadows. After I was done with this hike I Drove down to the southern slopes of the Laguna mountains to the Kitchen Creek Falls trailhead. I hiked in to the falls and explored downstream of the falls and also well upstream of the falls. Great day of hiking. I did around 8 miles on Laguna mountain and around 5 or 6 miles in the Kitchen Creek Area. I made a video of this hike as well and it is on my youtube channel. See the link below.

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