Sunday, March 11, 2012

Black Canyon 3/10/2012

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I hooked up with my friend Robbie for a day of hiking out in Black Canyon. It was a fine early spring day. We had a great time. The grasses were green. The wildflowers were blooming. Water was flowing fairly well for as little rain as we've had. We hiked upstream exploring all of the small falls and pools. We met a nice group of ladies hiking, Esther and Laurie and several of their friends. When we got to the main pool and falls They joined us for a couple of jumps into the ice cold mountain water. After that, Robbie and I hiked/bushwhacked much further upstream. It looked like not to many people ever venture upstream and it was real nice and pristine. It was a real challenge to stay out of the poison oak. That was probably the most poison oak I've ever seen. We caught a water snake and held him for a minute. It was so fat that it looked like it must have had two frogs in its belly. Upstream, there were so many frogs jumping around and the sound of there croaks filled the air even in the middle of the day.
After lunch, we made our way back downstream to the car and took a hair raising, white knuckling drive on the dirt road down into Pamo Valley. Don't take a standard passenger car on this road. We barely made it out of there. Anyway, we made it to Pamo valley and it was beautiful. Huge expanses of bright green rolling hills dotted with giant oak trees. After that we headed home. It was nice to get out and hike with Robbie as we haven't hiked together in a while.

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