Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mount Laguna Danny & Aaron Dec 27 2009

Today My son Danny and I headed out to Mount Laguna to hike the Big Laguna Trail. When we got to the trailhead the weather was perfect, nice and sunny with patches of snow and just an almost cloudless blue sky. We headed out on the trail enjoying vast views to the west as we walked the west facing ridge through a beautiful pine and oak forest. I was so glad to share this experience with Danny. This was long overdue time spent together as we haven't been hangin' out much lately. And what a day. In the mountains! We enjoyed visiting the Frozen over Water of the woods pond and Big Laguna Lake. The was a lot of snow still on the North facing slopes and trails that we hiked. We gained some higher ground at one point and we could see all the way to the snowy peaks of Mount San Jacinto and Big Bear. After the hike we drove over to the desert view overlook and looked out thousands of feet below to the Anza Borego desert. This was a great day in the mountains.

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