Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Palomar Mountain Summer and Fall 2009

I have been exploring several trails on the top of Palomar Mountain Southern California this year. This is the closest mountain to me. In about an hour and 20 minutes I can be at the trailhead on my way on a hike through thick forest of pine and cedar, grand meadows and small ponds, and small creeks flowing through canyons of granite rock and boulders at around 5000 to 6000 feet elevation. I feel like I am really living life since I have been exploring the wilderness this past year. I feel more fulfilled and more at peace. I mostly hike with freinds or family but sometimes I hike alone. There is something about hiking way out into the wilderness alone that helps to quiet the mind. Much of the time there is like a committee in my head and the mountain hikes have definitely helped quiet it down. Anyway, here's a few pics of Palomar Mountain. Ive seen a lot of wildlife up close up on Palomar. One day while hiking by myself I say down and ate my lunch about 15 feet from two owls that intently stared at me but did not fly away. Actually they got used to me being there and they started falling asleep while they rested on the branches of a fallen tree. Also I caught a Mountain King snake up there. I have been wanting to catch one of these all my life. My daughter Barbara actually spotted it. Also in the picture above, My girlfriend Linda ( Green Shirt ), My Mom Vicki ( White shirt ), and my daughter Barbara ( Blue Shirt ).

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