Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sespe Backpacking Trip June 2009

Its been about 20 years since I have been down tar creek trail to sespe creek. Linda, Wesley and myself headed out on a Friday morning from the trailhead and planned on getting picked up Monday afternoon. I learned a lot from this trip. Slight chance of showers means that it could rain hard for a while. We definitely were wet when we finally got to Sespe creek. The hike was more beautiful than I ever remembered it. I forgot how gnarly the rock overhanging cliff at the edge of Bear Heaven Looked. I had forgotten about the Tar Creek waterfalls as well. We camped out at a nice sandy camp beside Sespe creek. We explored downstream mostly making our way through huge purble and white boulderfields along the creek both downstream of the confluence with Tar Creek and Upstream towards the lower Tar Creek Falls. The sun finally cam out the 3rd day and the Creek really came to life. Watersnakes and Water turtles and Dragonflies coming out and Giant birds possibly condors soaring overhead. This trip really got me fired up to explore some more of the backcountry. It is now December 15 and since the Sespe trip I have been on 18 other hiking and backpacking trips since mostly Los Padres and Cleveland national forests but also two trips to Yosemite. I'll talk about those trips in other Blogs. Anyway here are some pics from the trip.

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  1. wow! Sespe! I've heard of that place! Scott