Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rock Creek and Yosemite July 3 thru 9

Wow! Seven days Camping and exploring in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. What a great adventure this was. Here was our trip crew: My girlfriend Linda, My daughter Barbara 12, My niece Kaitlyn 10, and me Aaron. We drove up to the eastern Sierras to Toms Place and headed up Rock Creek Canyon. We lucked out and got a first come campsite fairly secluded and near the raging Rock Creek. The first Afternoon there after setting up camp we went for a hike up Rock Creek.Then after dinner at our camp we drove up to Rock Creek Lake itself and got a little preview of the magnificent wilderness that we were planning on hiking into the next day.

later that night we enjoyed a good dinner with a nice fire, roasted marshmallows and later gazed at a moonless sky so full of stars and so clear that we could see the milky way. The next day was our first hike up the Little Lakes Valley all the way up to Gem lake.

We hiked up to almost 11,000 feet. After one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever been on it was time to drive down to Crowley Lake and see the firework show. It was very different to see a grand firework show basically in the middle of nowhere in the high desert over the lake. I was awesome.
Before heading up to Yosemite we stopped at Mono Lake.

Then we spent 5 more days in Yosemite hiking and swimming.

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