Monday, July 26, 2010

San Jacinto Mtns. Taquitz Peak 7/24/10

Saturday after a little bit of a late start, I showed up to the Idyllwild Ranger Station at 9:30 am and was extremely lucky to obtain the last available permit to hike up the Devil's Slide Trail up into the San Jacinto Mountains. I started the hike at an elevation of around 6,200 feet and hiked up to Taquitz Peak at around 8,826 feet. What a view! I was amazed the entire way up at the beauty and ruggedness of these mountains. The pictures do not even do it justice at all. You have to hike these mountains for yourself to really experience what magnificent mountains we have so close to us here in California. After reaching the peak, I talked to a really nice lady named Donna who was the volunteer fire lookout that day. I sat and ate lunch and enjoyed the views for a while and the hiked down into Taquitz valley where I enjoyed vast maedows and small creeks and wlidflowers blooming. What a great day. What a great workout. man am I sore. Until the next adventure.

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