Monday, May 9, 2011

Anza Borrego Desert

After several scorching days of hot weather, a slight cool down prompted a trip back down to the Anza Borrego desert. The first half of the day was rough. We drove all the way down into the southern Anza Borrego desert 25 miles from one small store that we seen and about 6 1/2 miles out into the desert on a dirt road. Our battery died at the trailhead to the mudcaves. Luckily a group of four whell drives came along and gave us a jump. We got lucky and made it 40 some miles to Borrego Springs and found a battery for the truck. We decided to go to the Calcite mine area. I was recently here but instead of hiking the dirt roads this time we hiked the washes and slot canyons all the way up to the min and the climbed a small peaklet above the mine area. Really fun hike. The first pic below is of Lake Henshaw on our way out to the desert.

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